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Mount Bures Lock-up

It was not until this press cutting (from The "Times") was inadvertently discovered that we realised that Mount Bures had a Lock-up.
There was nothing particularly unusual in this, most villages locked up their troublesome parishioners to keep them out of harms way.
The date of 1843 would make it the same time as the railway was being constructed through the village and speculation may suggest the Lock-up could well have been around the area of the Thatchers Arms or Solliers (Workhouse
The Thatchers which were cottages at that time, were built in the same year of 1843

The Times, Aug 05 1843
The Escape From Colchester Gaol-Richard Petchell
Text: Copyright 1843, The Times

THE ESCAPE FROM COLCHESTER GAOL - Richard Petchell, one of the prisoners, was re-captured on Wednesday night near Mount Bures in this county by Richard Pearman (No23) of the Essex Constabulary. About 12 o`clock at night while the constable was on duty, he met a man with a handkerchief tied around his head and without shoes and finding that his dress in other respects corresponded with the description, he spoke to him, when the man immediately started off at a rapid rate: the policeman pursued him for some distance along the road and across a field, when attempting to leap a fence, he got entangled in the bushes and fell back into the ditch, where he was seized by the policeman.
On pulling him out of the ditch the prisoner attempted to strike him on the head with a large stone which he drew from his pocket; but was prevented by a blow on the arm with the policeman's staff; and after desperate scuffs, during which the prisoner declared he would never be taken by one man, the latter threw him down and succeeded in handcuffing him, when without further resistance he was taken to the Lock-up at Mount Bures.
On searching him several large stones (with which the prisoner seems to have contemplated defending himself if attacked) together with a clasp knife and 9s 6d in silver were found in his pockets.
Yesterday (Thursday) morning he was brought to Colchester in the custody of Pearman and again lodged in the borough gaol.
From the statement of the prisoner to the policeman after his apprehension, it appears that he did not escape till nearly three hours after Osborne, having a good deal of trouble after removing the bars, in breaking away the swing window; a statement which is somewhat borne out by the appearance of the window, a great number of panes being broken and traces of blood left upon them, while that in Osborne's cell seems to have been removed without too much difficulty and without breaking a single pane of glass.
After leaving the town he appears to have gone in the direction of Mile-End or West Bergholt where he states he secreted himself in a field of wheat during the day and after dark to the road to Bures, where as he already stated he was recognised and apprehended. When taken his stockings where completely worn from his feet and he appeared to be in a very pitiable plight. The prisoner Osborne has not been heard:-ESSEX STANDARD.

Article/original text taken from the Times research library