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When we have been away for a long while there can be something comforting in the words "let's go home".
It is good to get away, but good to get back to our village and home, after all, it is our place, the place where we can be most relaxed with ourselves, surrounded by friendly familiar faces and objects and if home is emptier than it once was, we have our memories to enjoy.
Sometimes the ordinariness of our day-today lives seems monotonous, even boring.
It is only when we come back home after a break that we realise home is the best place to be.
Written by Sheila


May the Lord deal kindly with you: the Lord grant that you may find your home.
Ruth 1: 8 - 9

Sheila Margaret Cowlin
1932 - 2020

Interment at St Johns Church



Interment taken by Rev John Chandler and the Eulogy read by Emma Barr.
The Piper was Stephen Barr.

Inside St Johns Church

Collage of Photographs of Sheila, John and their family

Special thanks to the ladies who
decorated the Church on Monday morning