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St John the Baptist Church.

The Church is conventionally described as Norman. The church is of brick and stone with a tiled roof with Norman features
There are no parish records which can date the church with certainty, however a manuscript of 1705 tells of a stone over the porch. The document states "at the top of the porch on the outside there was formerly a stone about eight inches square bearing the date MLIX (1059). This stone was missing, even in the mid 1700`s.
In 1770 the spire was taken down and the tower heightened. The church was restored in 1875 and again in 1908 and 1936.
During the 1875 restoration, Thomas Harris took down the dilapidated central tower and replaced the spurious 1770 parapet tower with the "Sussex" type beech construction which we see today.
When the tower was taken down, wall paintings were discovered at the east end of the nave on the south wall, probably representing St Mary the Virgin .

Over the porch, their is a tablet dated 1564 with a benefactors name of "Love"
Nothing odd in that, except "Love" was a beggar and a very successful one. When he died he left a sum of money to the 12 parishes that had supported him throughout his life on the road.

1875 picture

Spire prior to restoration in 1875.

In 1552 and 1768 there were four bells in the tower, but two were sold in c1770. The two bells remaining, date back to 1460 and 1407.
On a census Sunday in 1851 (see also Hope Baptist) there were attendance's of 50 in the morning and 94 in the afternoon out of a population of 279.
The original tower, being so close to the `motte` next door could well have been a replacement for the timber tower which once stood on the summit.An iron age burial ground was also found near the railway. There is still roman brick in the quoins (corners) of the church chancel and walls.
The Nave has some features dating back to the 12th century. The porches, doors and font have their origins in the 15th cent.
The Church still maintain records dating back to 1540 for Baptisms, 1546 for Burials and 1558 for Marriages.

This is a fascinating Church with a wealth of history and well worth a visit, The highlight of the Church`s year is the wonderful Festival of Flowers held during the June.

Church and Mound
Painting by Suffolk artist,
Mike Petterson

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