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Information on Arthur and his family background.

Kindly supplied by Walter Brown, Arthur being his first Cousin




Arthur`s father, Walter William Brown, known as William or Will, was born 24th Feb 1897 in or near Bude and moved to "Pancrasweek" in 1903/ 1904.
The Brown family have been in North Cornwall since the 17th century at least. My father was William Brown’s brother.

He joined up to fight in the 1st world war and we have a family photo of him in uniform taken around 1915.
I know nothing of his service history but we do have his Great War medals. He married Alice Sleeman, who was local to North Cornwall presumably before 1923 when Arthur was born.

They moved to Essex, again I don’t know when, but we understood it was to help a trail blazing uncle by the name of Philip Sloman who had moved East earlier.
Go East, young man! We do not know when he took possession of Valley Green Farm nor if he joined his uncle first prior to moving there.

We had always understood that part of the farm (clearly not Valley Green) had been sold to The University of Essex for its campus.
Co-incidentally the first Vice-Chancellor of Essex was Albert Sloman (note1), another cousin.

We cannot say for certain if the sale is true, but he was definitely the first Vice-Chancellor.

So Arthur clearly followed in his fathers footsteps by volunteering for duty. The family do have Arthur’s war medals, together with 2 photos of Arthur both in uniform.
We are thrilled that you and others have taken it upon yourselves to commemorate him and how extraordinary was Mary Kemp’s involvement

We were unaware of much that is on the website and only knew that he was shot down over France and we are grateful for that information. We did not know of the sculpture in the church. Do you know the sculptor (note 2)

I hope to come to Mount Bures in the not too distant future and would welcome the opportunity of thanking all those involved personally, but meanwhile thank you for all you have done.

Pancrasweek is a largish parish bordering the Devon/Cornwall border on the Devon side roughly halfway between Holsworthy(Devon) and Bude(Cornwall). The vast majority of the family lived on the Cornish side but really this particular area, bordered by Bodmin Moor, Dartmoor and the fringes of Exmoor have their own character I think.
The farm (note 3) on Pancrasweek was where Arthur’s father grew up from the age of 6(approx.) until adulthood.

The farm is still in the family and where we now reside

Walter Brown


(1) Essex University: In 1962 R. A. Butler (later Lord Butler of Saffron Walden) was appointed chancellor and A. E. (later Sir Albert) Sloman vice-chancellor.
There is also the Albert Sloman Library.
(2) The local Church Warden recalls it was sculptured by a gentleman called "Giles" in Colchester,
it was commissioned by Arthur`parents and erected circa 1947 -1949.
(3)The name of the farm has been withheld to protect its privacy