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Work commences on the new extension,
to provide toilet facilities
at St John Church .

The construction work commenced on Monday 4th February 2019
John Younger of Sudbury, Contractors

A frosty February morning

Site footprint


Skeletal remains
Colchester Archaeological Trust (CAT) were on site on Tuesday 5th February to monitor the excavation of the foundations and the trench arch system.

Unexpectedly they have found (so far) 6 skeletons, probably mediaeval, which they are taking to the CAT office for cleaning and documenting.
After that, they will be returned to St Johns for re-interment


Excavating in preparation for the footings.
Trench in the foreground, ready for the drainage pipework

Extension of the drainage trench on the left photo, to carry away
the waste water.

This clearly shows the building work necessary, to provide
this small extension.

Drainage trench taken at different angle

Photographs taken February 19th

Trenchwork for waste water and mains water now filled in and landscaped.

Photograph taken March 3rd

Photographs taken March 29th - next stage the roof

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Additional photographs will be published approximately every two weeks, to display the progress of the work
Photos courtesy of John Chander and Alan Beales
First published 07/02/2019