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John Cowlin recognised for decades of tireless
work at our local church

John Cowlin has been part of his local church community for 75 years.

This years (2018)Golden Flower Festival was organised by John, too celebrate its 50th anniversary on June 23.

John Cowlin, who will celebrate 75 years of worship at the church later this year, has been recognised by his congregation for the decades of tireless work that he has undertaken at St. John's.
As well as ensuring the church is open every day of the year, planning the church music and organising the church's annual flower festival, the 84-year-old deputy church warden supplies the church with a home grown Christmas tree every year and has even been known to make Communion wine from the fruit in his garden.

He was nominated by Reverend John Chandler and the congregation in Ecclesiastical's 'Little Deeds, Big Difference' competition, which seeks to celebrate the work of church volunteers across the UK.

Commenting on the nomination, Reverend Chandler said: "You'd expect me to say that John Cowlin is 'the salt of the earth' to us. I would describe him as the kind of salt and light that Jesus calls us all to be.
Lots of people work hard in our Church, we work well as a team, and we all love John for who he is - but we want to honour him for what he has done and is still doing.
He'd be rather embarrassed to read this, but it won't faze him. Nothing does!

"John has done almost every job imaginable in Church, except take the services!"
He is ever-present as our
Deputy Churchwarden, makes sure the Church is open every day of the year and closes it each evening.
During the 23rd & 24th June, St. John's will host its 50th Mount Bures Flower Festival, an event that John, wife Sheila and others organised for the first time in 1968.
This year, as always, John will be in church to welcome people to the Golden Flower Festival.

Church volunteers like John make a big difference to so many ordinary lives, in all sorts of communities.

Reverend Chandler added: "It is so very encouraging that our insurance company is taking an interest in what we are doing in the community."

Reverend John Chandler
John forwarded this script to the Ecclesiastical Insurance for their "Little Deeds, Big Difference Award


NOTE:-Unfortunately John was not successful in winning this award, but he did get recognised in numerous local newspapers.