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Peter Mason
1931 - 2014

Revd John Chandler writes...

lt was a privilege for me to take Peter’s funeral on 29th May - a day none of us wanted to arrive, of course Peter was so much a part of life in Mount Bures, was a good friend to many and was tireless in his work in the Churchyard.

It’s clear that his family and friends loved him dearly, as much as he loved them, and we will all miss him so much.
These few words can't do justice to a life of 83 years, but it's good to recall the important stages of his life, as well as our personal memories.
He was born in Ardleigh in 1930, and moved to Lexden then Rowhedge. He did National Service in the RAF as an engineer, and worked at Rowhedge Ironworks (the Shipyard), where amongst many tasks he helped to convert lifeboats,
lt just so happens that my Uncle, Revd John Best, was Rector in Rowhedge then, and used to launch the ships onto the Colne - so he would have known Peter!

Peter met and married Olive; they had five children, and the family has grown to six grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

The garden we see today is a tribute to Olive and Peter

There was much sadness in his life; there are several members of his family in our Churchyard including Olive of course, but Peter was always encouraging, gentle and content,

He was a true country person, for whom Mount Bures was quite enough ofthe world to live in and to love - and Mount Bures loved him too,

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