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History of the Newman Family
These are the notes compiled by Ida McMaster,
prior to publication in the Colchester Archaeological Group Bulletin

Sheila Cowlin ( nee Newman) who passed away in 2020,
was the last of the original Newman family living in Mount Bures.

The Newman family

In the early 1700`s Robert Newman of Boxted was tenant of Mount Hall Farm and Estate, the Lord of the Manor was then Edward Cressener of Gt Tey
By the mid 1700`s, Thomas Newman was the tenant, almost certainly the son of Robert.
He lived to 88 and built the vault in the church for his son Thomas who died aged 23
Court Rolls show that he lived at the Hall for over 50 years and actually owned PearTree farm freehold which was the old Brookhouse, below Elms.
Old Brookhouse was there on the 1777 map but demolished by the 1838 Tithe Map
Meanwhile the Manor had passed by sale to Osgood Hanbury and he sold the Lordship at the end of 1790 to Abraham Newman ( son of Thomas from Brookhouse)
The deeds show that Abraham who was by now a very wealthy Grocer of London had recently
purchased in 1780 a plot of land (4.5ac) on which he built his new house with its barns, stables etc and it lay between the old Brookhouse Farm and Withers farm ( presumably New Elms Farmhouse)
Abraham bought in Withers, Nortons, Smiths etc and any other land he could lay his hand on so that by his death in 1796 the Manor was considerable once again.
In his Will he left Mount Bures Manor and Brookhouse to his daughter Ann.
This must have been New Elms as the old house was occupied by farm worker, Joseph Grove
The Elms farm name did not come into being until the land was all apportioned by his daughter, Ann Caswell and her husband George, when they in 1826 re-allocated various fields to their tenants

The Brookhouse land all let to one tenant earlier contained all the fields today comprising Elms Farm
Also Abrahams father Thomas was stated to own the old farmhouse, late called Brookhouse and now known as PearTree farm
Obviously Abraham liked the old name for his new house and so did John Garrard when he built his house by the Main Rd (B1508) in 1860

Abraham ( or his father on retirement) placed in the Hall for life, Charles Newman,
The Hall must have been derelict as it was completely renovated in 1854. Charles must have been a cousin as he was a trustee to Abrahams daughter Ann and also a great “thorn in her flesh( according to letters

On the family tree, Charles of Lamarsh, Thomas of Mount Bures Hall and Robert were all sons of Robert of Boxted who owned the Hall in 1736
The branch of Newmans at the Mill all appeared to come from Boxted .
The entire descendants of Charles Newman and Ann Constable is shown in a Chancery Suit which was held over possession of Butlers Farm in 1839 when the heirs George Caswell Newman sold it.
Finally to Colonel Pott who was the husband of Abrahams grandaughter.

It is interesting to note that with Butlers Farm went a small farm called Coppins of 35 acres which was one of those cottages called a Blacksmiths Shop at Valley Green.
Coppins Green is listed on the old 15th Century Court Rolls and still in one of Gordon Webbers (dec) fields

The Polley family had the farmhouse called Rumpes with 20 acres behind which according to a 1790 map was a pound called Garners Tye.
Apparently Ralph Polley built the house towards the end of the 1700`s and one of his daughters Sarah, married Charles Newman who dies young leaving a son Thomas Newman,

This Thomas was from Boxted apparently where he had a Mill and consequently built the one at Mount Bures between 1819 and 1839, also the Catchlands Cottages and bakehouse for his son John, the double tenement which later became a private house and then the Thatchers Arms under Greene King.

The 8 acres of Abrams Croft in 1662 had no house on it until the end of the 1700`s but was sold to Thomas who was a minor somewhere around 1816
On the oldest 1557 rentals a manor of Abrams Croft was then called Pudney at the Beake and had Gallows Croft beside it with Twyfield to the North.
Abrams Coft in the 1700`d had leased a little field called LowerLands later called Trenches and then on a later Tithe map Sower Grassland
A Rebecca Newman had the 4 acres of SowerLands as early as 1685, so perhaps this is where the family first bought or leased land in Mount Bures - the name Newman does not appear on the 1614 freehold rentals
It is interesting to see that a Mr Newman French marries a Sarah Newman back in 1753.

Solliers 3 acres always went with Rumpes Frm in the 1700`s and passes through Polley to Thomas Newman and Rebecca. This little farm called Solliers of 6 acres was split towards the end of 1600`s and the house with the barn eventually became the Poor House a century later, by which time it had become confusingly part of Akermans (Takelys)
Luckily an old description of Solliers Farm house clearly showed it to be the Poor House and later Mary Newman wife of John who built the Thatchers bought back the Poor House in 1843

Joseph Newman sold off Rumpes & 10 acres in 1890 but retained the Mill and Abrams until ?
My research stopped at 1863, at the death of the Manor when the resulting “Lordship” was sold away

The present Brook House was built after 1861 when John Garrard bought Pudneys, Butlers ,
Coppins, Bakers hall, Hobb at the Well, Balls, Valley Green, Moles and other Bures Hamlet property

Abraham Newman who built Elms purchased the “Little House” opposite with 7 acres, once called Olivers but now PearTree Cottage
This was at the time owned by Will and Martha Grimwood who were related to John Constable the artist
A “Will Lott” occupied one of the cottages near Coes, John Constable owned Rose Cottage (Colchester Rd) in 1838.
This John however may not have been the Artist

Ida McMaster

Updated 08/10/2015