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Mount Bures Puddingstone


Puddingstone is a type of sedimentary rock which first formed when pebbles at the bottom of pre-Ice Age rivers were covered in sediment. The sediment turned to quartzite and then the fossilised river beds were torn up by glaciers. Fragments became embedded in the ice and were left behind when the glaciers finally melted.

The white is quartz sand which has cemented itself together over millions of years. Mixed with it is a combination of polished flint pebbles and stones of various sizes, shapes and colors. Some may even contain fossils.

Presumably "Pudding" comes from its pudding shape. The Mount Bures stone is easily identifiable beside the main entrance gates to the church.
Puddingstones are uncommon and only the larger stones can be found in Essex and Hertfordshire.

Colour photographs by Alan Beales