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Mount Bures Rectory and its Clergy

List of the Clergy from 1361 onwards.

The Rectory is private property and strictly no admittance.

In 1254 the Rectory was valued at 100s, but there is also reference to a Vicarage at the same time valued at 40s.
The Church was worth £5.6s 8d, with all three fees payable to Colchester Abbey
(Ref:- The Victorian History of the Counties of England)

The glebe was mentioned in 1494 and the rectory house in 1565. In 1610 The rectory contained about twenty acres of glebe [or church] land attached, which the rector was allowed either to farm himself or to sub-let.
The Old Rectory has a timber-framed three-bayed north front, dating from the early 18"' century, but may well mask a house of a much older date.
A terrier [or inventory] of 1610 refers to a Parsonage house, two barns, and garden and orchard and about twenty acres of Glebe.

It was remodelled when extensive new service quarters in red brick were built to the south in the early 19" century.
ln 1848 there were twenty-five acres of Glebe situated west and north west of the dwelling and this was still attached in 1898.
A century later, in 1996, about eleven acres of the glebe adjoining the house were sold.
The remainder, in two parcels near the river, was leased out by the church the following year.

From the list below, it`s difficult to ascertain which Clergy lived at the Rectory
eg:- Philip Gurdon (1734) lived in the Bures St Mary Rectory
Henry Heath 2005, lived in the Rectory, Wormingford

From 1995, the Clergy were now having to manage three parishes, Mount Bures, Wormingford and Little Horkesley

Rectors are recorded from 1361, some of them non-resident or pluralists.

Research by Rev John Chandler
Crockfords Clerical Directory
Clergy of the Church of England database

Interesting Facts

1785: Rev John Woodruffe of Cranham Johns son Rev Thomas Woodruffe, sold the advowson to John Brett
1790; John Brett of Wakes Colne Held the position until 1873
1873: Rev Nathaniel Davies from Norfolk advowson purchased by A, E. Lefroy, London Barrister in 1893
1881 Rev Nathaniel Davies The 1881 Census reports that his son was the Curate, together with a boarding student of law living the Rectory
The rectory employed three Servants, wheras "The Hall" only employed one.
1893: A.E Lefroy, London Barrister advowson sold the Rev A. G. Maitland of Dudley (Worcs) 1901
1893: Rev A G Maitland advowson to T W Watson 1904
1904: T.W Watson Watson gave the property to Emily Davies
1910; Privately owned by Emily Davies wife of W Davies of Rushcock (Worcs)
1987 Rev A C Davies inherited by the son of Emily Davies

1987 Rev Davies "gave" the property to
Keble College, Oxford

"gave " what, the property or the advowson ?
( needs more research)

It would appear even today, Keble College lists Mount Bures as one of its parishes.

The College’s patronage right has been suspended for the following benefices: Wormingford, Mount Bures and Little Horkesley;
Extract from "The Keble Record 2009"

The following priests have been licensed or appointed to Keble College parishes:
The Reverend John Chandler to the Benefice of Wormingford and Mount Bures with
Little Horkesley;

Extract from "The Keble Record 2013/14"

St Andrew, White Colne and the Halstead Area Team Ministry
St John the Baptist, Mount Bures

Extract from the "Keble Parishes Cycle of Prayer"

Reference:- The Victorian History of the County of Essex
Definition advowson:- (in ecclesiastical law) the right to recommend a member of the Anglican clergy for a vacant benefice, or to make such an appointment.

In 1936, the Rector described the parish as "abnormally difficult, partly because leading parishioners were not Anglicans"

By 1957. the living was considered unattractive by prospective incumbants,
because of the poor state of the Rectory house and the declining population.

Average attendance at St Johns in 1996, were 12 parishioners

The Old Rectory, which was sold c. 1958 when it was considered too large and difficult to maintain,

By 1958 the Rectory was offered
For Sale by Strutt and Parker Estate Agents

Entrance Hall, 3 Reception Rooms, Breakfast Room, Kitchen and Scullery,
5 Bedrooms Dressing Rooms, Bathroom
Outbuildings including Ornate gardens, Paddock
and land approx 15 acres.

Vacant Possession, the House, Glebe Fields and Gardens £3,500


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(e)Keble College Oxford Archives
(f) James and Amanda Gerry, current owners of the Rectory
Published 12/6/2013
Updated 09/12/2018