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Long Lost Rowneys Farm

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Rowneys Farm was most probably demolished during 1942,
in preparation of the construction of Wormingford Airfield.

The 1825 map of the area indicates Rowneys to the north of the Golden Square road towards Fordham

In 1662 the area was known locally as Rowens Green, under the tenancy of Edward Brett,
Edward owned Rowneys.

However Rowneys Farm House lies just inside the Mount Bures, close to what we call today Golden Square, but the vast majority of its land including several cottages was within the Parish of Wakes Colne

Today Rowneys Farm lies on the opposite of the road, which was constructed well after the war ended.

Location of Rowneys before demolition

Original Rowneys A
Modern replacement B

The left map of the airfield show the perimeter (in red) of the land compulsary purchased.
Rowneys is not within the red area
Looking at the photograph above, the airfield was on the opposite side of the road to the left.
I am speculating, the property was in such a poor state of repair, the owners decided to take advantage of the land purchase and move-on.

Published May 2020
Reference: "Mount Bures its Lands and its People" by Ida McMaster