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Beer Houses

Local Information

  Manor of Mount Bures Ida McMaster, Local Historian
  Hire the Village Hall Miles Malone- Army Vet
  Long Lost Balls Farm Pumping Station No1 along the B1508
  The Alternative Mount Bures Pumping Station No2 along the B1508
  Mount Bures Rectory list of Clergy  

The Mount

Castle Mount

Castle Mount and Badgers

Economics of Mount Bures

St Johns Church

St Johns Church

Repair to Church Tower 2005 Thomas Love Charity Easter Service 2012
  Thieves target Church Clergy since 1300AD Repair to Church Roof 2014 John Cowlin, 75yrs a volunteer
  John Cowlin, Tribute by John Chandler   Repair to Church Roof 2005  
New Extension
Plans for Extension Works starts on extension    

Flower Festival 2018
Flower Festival 2018 Olives Garden
(With Peter & Olive)
Olives Garden, Part of Flower Fest 2018
  Mount Bures Ukulele Group Rock Choir Yorklette Cottage

Footpaths New adopted footpath

World War 1 Centenary of
World War 1
WW1 Service records

World War 2

Aircraft Crash 1944

VE Day
Arthur Brown RAF
Killed in Action WW2
  Les Sayer, War Time Hero Pill Boxes 1939 - 1945  
WW1 Servicemen
WW2 Servicemen  

Mount Bures School Mount Bures School

Australia Connection

William Cant Explorer

Blacksmith to a Gold Mine
Bland, Sawyer and Hayward

Census of Names


Marriages 1791 to 1837 1871
  1841 1861  

Wind and WaterMills Windmills and Watermills
Wellhouse and Windmill

Family Names Clampin Family name Newman family Knapp family


David Cowlins Field

Lodge Hill, Hunting Lodge
  Carenza Lewis at the Motte Lodge Hill, Brick Kiln`
  Iron Age Burial Ground  

Listed Buildings

The Old House
Listed Buildings Yorklette Cottage




Smiths Charity
John Constable Essex Wildlife Trust Sergeants Orchard
  Village Lock-up Hope Baptist Chapel    

Leisure & Entertainment Playing Quoits at the Thatchers Arm Mount Bures Rangers Mount Bures Ukulele Group
or MBugs
  Mount Bures Morris Men Arts and Crafts at the Thatchers  

Development Houses along Hall Rd

Funerals Peter Mason Les Sayer, War Time Hero Ida Mcmaster

Railway Railway Crossing

Why the Site

Why the Site

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