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Group Members


The members of the band, and their particular skills are as follows:-

Amy and Dan Jones, when babies and work permit, singing and playing

Emile Webb, noted for her lovely, strong voice and playing.

Tim Badley, a wizard on guitar which he has transferred to the uke

Suzanna Giera, playing, singing and style, not to mention props.

Brenda Walkden, playing, dancing, generous hospitality, secretary

Howard Walkden, Bass and uke playing, singing, generous hospitality

Jay Sargent, playing, the power of her voice, harmonies.

Jan Hughes
, playing, harmonies, delicacy of her voice, agent!

Reverend Ray Sams, playing, teaching, harmonising, arranging, singing

Dick Gould, playing, singing, harmonies, endless provision of bad music.

The band are keen to welcome more players and singers, however, whilst all singers are expected to learn to play the ukulele, not all players need to learn to sing.