Mount Bures Community Web Site
Why the Web Site

The Mount Bures site was initially incorporated into the existing Bures domain ( which was launched back in 2001.
It basically covered the Church and the Mount at its initial launch.

The content rapidly expanded within weeks, as suggestions came in to cover other interesting aspects of the community.

Although there are many photographs around in personal collections, nobody had assembled all this information for easy free access. The technology of the Internet seemed to be the ideal way of answering enquiries and documenting the village history for all to see.

From the response received, it soon became apparent that our local residents have moved away to all parts of the earth, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, USA, Canada etc.

However, due to it`s phenomenal expansion, the Mount Bures information was transferred in November 2006 to its own dedicated domain at ""

The site has expanded to list over 80+ pages covering numerous topics from the Saxons to the present day.

Work is carried out on the site daily, checking incoming messages, posting news and when time permits, visiting people and places around the area to seek out and verify new information.

**Sadly we can no longer undertake genealogy requests. These requests if allowed, would make up the vast majority of incoming emails and the research work would take precedence over everything else.
Please use the "Message Board" this invariably will bring you an answer

Lastly don't forget this is a Community Web Site, run by the community for the enjoyment of those who visit the site. The information has come from literally dozens of people who have taken the time to submit their memories and wish to record village life for others to enjoy reading.
Because some stories may be decades old it is not always possible to verify every single fact, but we do our very best.
It is not the product of one single person, but from a collection of interested parties.

Alan Beales 24/03/09
updated 15/03/2017
updated 25/11/2017